The Neglected Brain

The longest relationship we will ever have in our life is that with ourselves – our body, mind and soul. As we get older, we come to realize this truth and begin to build and invest in a clean, healthy lifestyle. However, In the midst of building up our cardiovascular strength or toning our muscles, one organ that we often ignore is our brain.

Our brain is the motor of our existence. Everything we see, hear, smell, taste and feel all involve the brain. Everything we think about, dream about and hope for also involve the brain. We over-use our brain so much on a daily basis, yet we never think about giving it some tender love and care. One of the most pressing matters that go unnoticed by our present-day society is mental health.

As soon as someone utters the words “mental health,” unconscious darkness and silence fill the room. Why is there such a hush-hush stigma associated with mental health? Do we not rush to the doctor for help when we notice our ears ringing? Or when our ankle is hurt during our jog? Or when our vision begins to blur? But why is it that when one of the antennas in our brain switches off or begins to lose signal, we hide in a cocoon and suppress the ache – hoping for it to resolve on its own? Why can we not bravely step out in public and boldly declare: “Hey, I need some mental help.” We are forgetting that Our brain is an organ too. It deserves just as much attention as our physical flesh. What concerns me more than the existing lack of awareness behind mental health is the ignorant population that voices its opinion on mental illnesses. “Stop thinking like that” and “just try and control it” are two of the most selfish pieces of advice when trying to help someone with mental issues. Would we “just deal with it” if our arm was bleeding profusely from an injury? Of course not. What needs to be dealt with are this ignorance and stigma behind mental health.

We all go through trials in life – both physical and mental. Some more than others in either or respect. It is beautiful to see communities banding together in unity to help support physical illnesses, such as cancer. However, what would be overwhelmingly heart-warming to see would be our society giving a round of applause when someone steps out and says:


My Brain Is Hurting.”


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