Another New Day, Another New Year

It’s that time of year again.

Not Christmas.

Well, yes Christmas is right around the corner – in fact, there are only 6 days left! However, that’s not what I wanted to talk about. As we near the end of the year of 2012, we are all bound to ask ourselves the very well-known question “It’s December already?!”, followed by a bunch of sighs and groans and the infamous “time flies by fast” phrase.

However, not only is this the time of the year when we’re busily Christmas shopping for our loved ones as the cold wind blows by, but what’s really special is this – It’s the time when we reflect upon the year that has passed by.

We reflect upon the year that has passed so blissfully before our eyes; hours turned into days, which turned into months. They all passed by so fast like how we would hurriedly flip through the many pages of an encyclopedia.

As I’m typing this, I remember the New Year’s resolutions I made, the new friends I met, and the few friends I lost. I’ve lost some stuff along the way, while gaining invaluable experience and lifelong lessons. I also remember the days spent moping around, feeling moody, and the days when everything was so perfect I didn’t want the feeling to fade away. I remember the amazing opportunities that came by me, as well as the sacrifices I had to make. I remember the deep, amazing conversations I’ve had with my loved ones, and the arguments I got into as well. All in all, yes, life does come with ups and downs. I wish I could be the type of young woman who would not let anything negative get to her – but I’m not (trying though). In fact, I think we’re all programmed to at least care a bit when life gives us a little jab in the back.

Though we are prone to have our hearts ache a bit when pain strikes us, I believe our reaction is what differentiates each and every one of us. In other words, do you want to dwell on the pain, or would you like to brush your knees, get up from the pit, and move on? 

I honestly believe everything happens for a reason. So, you’ve lost something that was meaningful to you? Give thanks and move on.

If you don’t and you’re still sitting in that pit of despair, then you won’t see the great opportunities that come looming over you nor the people who want to be a part of your life. This brings us to another realization: we, ourselves, are one of the main reasons why good things take a long time to come by. Some of us, including myself, are so focused on the negative, that unfortunately, we ignorantly miss all the great chances and people we could be happy with. Hence, it’s only when we do shift our eyes from the pit to the sky, that we begin to see ‘the good.’

So, concerning this year of 2012, I’m reminding myself that it’s not just ‘another year that has passed by.’ It’s a year during which I’ve lost some and gained much, making me that much more wiser and happier.

Bring it, 2013


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